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Aluminium Linear Strip Ceiling Systems

strip ceiling corridorTalent aluminium Linear Strips are made of high quality aluminium and coated with polyester paint. A wide range of standard coloyrs, sizes and finishes are available, offering the designer flexibility for creative and complex designs.

There are 6 different variations of strip ceiling systems:


A-Shaped Aluminium Strip Panels

a shaped aluminium strip panel

Standard Strip Sizes:
A100 x 30 x 1000~3000mm
A100 x 1000~3000mm
A200 x 1000~3000mm
A250 x 1000~3000mm
A300 x 1000~3000mm







S-Shaped ALuminium Strip Panels

s shaped aluminium ceiling

Standard Strip Sizes:
S100 x 1000~3000mm
S150 x 1000~3000mm
S200 x 1000~3000mm
S300 x 1000~3000mm



V-Shaped Aluminium Strip Panels

v strip aluminium ceiling



Blade Aluminium Strip Panels

blade aluminium ceiling

1. Stripe panel
2. Carrier
3. Adjustable suspension bracket

C-Shaped Aluminium Strip Panels

c shaped aluminium ceiling


Standard Strip Sizes:
C75 x 1000~3000mm
C100 x 1000~3000mm
C150 x 1000~3000mm
C200 x 1000~3000mm
C300 x 1000~3000mm




c shaped aluminium strip panel


#-Shaped Aluminium Panels

hex shaped aluminium ceiling



Standard # shaped panels:
300 x 1200mm
800 x 800mm
1100 x 1100mm
1200 x 1200mm



hex shaped diagram