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Baffle Ceiling System

Talent Aluminium Baffle Ceiling System is a cost-effective way to reduce reverberation time and eliminate sound reflections from the ceiling in any environment resulting in dramatic improvements in overall acoustics. Eliminating built up sound due to noise reflections, overall sound exposure can be dramatically reduced.

We offer a variety of Ceiling Baffles to treat any space and are suitable for industrial, commercial and institutional applications and can be installed in rows, egg-crate or other patterns for optimal distribution and appearance. A wide variety of styles, colors and sizes are available to meet just about any desired performance, budget and interior design.

Baffle ceilings systems suit large spaces particularly well, including airports, convention centers, shopping malls, sports facilities, and retail stores. Our adjustable carrier system allows for easy access to lighting, sprinklers, and diffusers.

Sound Baffle Applications

Large spaces typically benefit the most from the installation of a Talent Aluminium Baffle Ceiling System. Examples are:

  • Gymnasiums
  • Factory areas
  • Atriums
  • Multi-purpose rooms
  • Pools
  • Restuarants
  • Airports
  • Libraries
  • Open office layouts
  • Sound Absorption

    Ceiling Baffles are the solution for softening acoustics of any large space that has reverberation problems. It can drastically reduce ambient noise by trapping sound waves.



    Quality System

    Awarded ISO 9001

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